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Pastel pink blazer with black clothing

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As part of the clothing fashion clothes pastel color, black at the moment seem too dissimilar to be considered a good idea.

However, we must remember that in contrast we find new ways to combine our clothes and styles prove increasingly trendy. For this reason I propose to keep a blazer with other clothing pink black, even though both belong to different color categories.

formal classical and may be sober, but the faint pink color comes to lighten the character solemn. Also one of its advantages is that his court will help you give a nice shape to your figure, regardless of your physique.

Adding, for example, a pair of leggings, you will look more feminine. If instead you add a pair of pants washed your boyfriend will be more androgynous appearance, in which case we recommend a T-shirt and with a little elastic neckline to balance.

This combination can add a nice complement to colorful and modern, like the hat of the girl in the picture, whom this piece gives it a indie and modern.

Textured fabric booties

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Conspicuous by its surface, these high-heeled shoes may be the next star of your outfit boho-chic, without too many ornaments.

Her lace adorns the same time providing the security that warrants heel. For its impressive height must secure it, otherwise the foot may be injured, or your walk might look forced.

The texture of fabric is a trend in ornamental and feminine principle, which allows you to carry it with simple pieces, but do not differ much from a classical trend, feminine and bohemian.

Its brown color makes them good candidates for a folk-leaning outfit: a skirt below the knee with frets or trimmings nude color, a tight blouse with a collar “v”, a chocolate brown bolero embroidered or woven with details, a lace beret and wooden necklaces.

You can take that recommendation with the variants you bring your personal taste. If you’re going to use them with pants, just avoid the fish and wide leg: the first will make your ankle look too thin, while the latter half of the shoe cover. Harem, skinny and straight cut make good combination. If you wear denim, it ensures that the belt is the same shade as the shoes.

Straw hats for your outfit

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Casual and very useful, straw hats are usually large in order to fulfill its function of protecting your face from the sun, and on the other hand, the spice up your outfit.

Those who see in the image are very feminine style, thanks to the flowers that crown, same color combinations with the colors of their sheer dresses in layers. That is a good resource for that if you wear a straw hat does not look out of place: try to have consistent color detail with which outfit in question. If no one is very simple you are adding them on your own: cutting out a piece of fabric pattern or texture, pleasant, sew the edges and then sew them to the hat.

The hats of straw are almost always related to the beach outfits, but their color and material can be adjusted very well beautiful attire bohemian trend, in which case there is no problem with no flowers or other decorations. The straw hat will look cute with a dress frets, an asymmetric cut blouse or a comprehensive mono boho-chic style.

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