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Very feminine look to party

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A woman is not really complete your wardrobe if you have a very feminine dress that is the perfect garment for a good party of those that occur in the year’s end. That is why then I recommend a perfect look for one of those times when you want to see more women in the night, leaving you with a perfect look.

This look revolves around a beautiful dress in black and white stripes that have these forms and appearance reminiscent of those divas that exude femininity. This dress is from Alice + Olivia is fitted on top to further enhance the female form and the bottom is a little loose to give a touch of old times that we love.
On top of this beautiful dress you can give to you look a touch more uncomplicated, yet very chic, like this leather jacket with the sleeves open from Day Birger Et Mikkelsen that at short allowed to continue to see the female cut dress, while you cover your shoulders at times a little cooler and gives you a look a bit more risky.

And sometimes accessories are the key to the success of your feminine appearance suggest you go with your dress shoes with a black leather like Anya from Alexander Wang to have a platform that is not seen and some stiletto heels ten type centimeters and gloves in black leather in addition to protection from the cold, make you look like a whole diva.

The style of the socks extra long

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Make a good representative of thermal clothing, warm and highly sought after during the seasons of the second half, where warm clothing is necessary and also modern.Extra long socks are generally used in the outfits under the clothes you really want to look, for example, a pair of flannel trousers or denim, or a monkey, because of the above mentioned purposes: to maintain the legs in good temperature.

However, as in the walkways, the big names suggest, these beautiful clothes are fit to shine in all its splendor, for example, accompanied by a mini dress or a skirt miniskirt. If you want to look a little more sensual, it can prove a very short piece, as in the image, which also allows an online look bare legs.

If the dress or skirt is not so short, there can be no greater problem: the skin of the legs but not the socks will look ultra long that when they make ornamental textures look pretty feminine.Garments which are sure will look beautiful coats, jersey dresses and layers underneath.

Do You Believe Eve Mendez Hasn’t Had Work Done?

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With her tight, smooth skin at 34 years of age, rumors have been flying around about actress Eva Mendes’ possible vaginal cosmetic surgery.

Do you believe she’s been under the knife?

According to Eva, she goes with an old-school method of hanging upside down to pull her skin tight and to make her face look “plump.” Far from a medical procedure, but that would certainly be a picture worth a thousand words.

Some celebs are so hush-hush about their procedures that you would never be able to find out unless someone in their inner circle wants to write a tell-all piece for some quick cash. Until that time, however, I think we can all take Eva at her word that he hasn’t been under the knife and certainly not for any vaginal rejuvenation.

That still doesn’t change the facts, though. Miss Mendes is absolutely gorgeous and many women out there want that tighter, more youthful-looking face – and many in need of a facelift feel that paying a visit to a qualified surgeon is the way to get it.

With medical advancements these days, facelift procedures are very effective and very common. It’s the quick and long-lasting answer to a youthful face.

We use the latest plastic surgery techniques in our modern medical and cosmetic center. Our procedures are safe, affordable, and the results speak for themselves.

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