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Jumpsuits – Trends in women’s fashion !

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Jumpsuits are set to be one of the biggest trends in women’s fashion this spring/summer. A return of the retro fashion scenes of recent years sees a particular focus on the 1970s, any style that mimic 70s fashion are ideal, but the jumpsuit makes the greatest statement.

Jumpsuits are notoriously difficult to master as a fashion trend, buy there are a few useful guidelines to ensure you look great in your new get-up. Firstly, select a figure flattering design. To this end, ensure the jumpsuit is neither too loose, nor overly tailored. Jumpsuits should skim the body gently, without being too tight or too baggy.

By way of colour and pattern, there are several key trends this season. Red is particularly prominent on the catwalk at present, and we can expect this to filter into the high street within the next few months. The nautical theme is also big news this season, as are animal prints and floral prints. Remember, when opting for any sort of solid print, the outfit must appear understated, so no gaudy colours: subtlety is the key to looking good in print.

Accessorise to create a suitable evening look when wearing a jumpsuit. Adding a pair of heels and a clutch bag will add a touch of style and sophistication to the outfit.

Boho Chic

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This spring, the trend that everyone is talking about is boho chic. In order to achieve this trend you should try experimenting with loose materials such as cotton or silks that will drape gorgeously over every figure. Layering is also a great way to achieve this look. Try layering to add texture to your outfit. Accessories are essential to any boho look. Try adding an oversized bag, hippy ladies shoes, a headscarf or a large necklace to complete your outfit.

For a great day style, why not try a halter neck maxi with a pretty floral design with floral or gold bangles. Team this with a pair of brown leather sandals and you are ready to face the beautiful spring weather. A pair of hippy shades will complete this daytime look.

For an evening wear alternative, try a tight black maxi dress with floral or beaded accessories and a pair of wedges or espadrilles. To help you keep warm in the evening, try layering a suede waistcoat, denim jacket, a scarf or a loose knitted bolero.

For perfect boho skin you should exfoliate and moisturise to achieve a fresh, warm glow. If you do not feel brave enough to bare your face au natural, then why not swap your heavy winter foundation for a light tinted moisturiser. Not only will this not go greasy and shine in the sun but it will allow your skin to breathe and soak up those lovely summer rays. Dramatic eyeliner and rainbow eyeshadow can be a great way of showing off your creative side. Black kohl eyeliner under the bottom lid can also give a great boho effect.

The boho look is all about having fun, experimenting and feeling just that right balance of shabby and chic. This spring, take advantage of the weather, and don’t be afraid to engage your feminine boho style with floaty skirts, bright colours and lots of floral patterns.

Tips when buying clothes for the season

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Both in these times of crisis and in general, we think wisely how to spend our money , especially when it comes to our wardrobe and the season change comes already. Clearly not every year we have the same clothes, same shoes and the same accessories, but do not want to spend all our money on clothes.

Fashion experts recommend that with the same amount of money instead of buying many things of dubious quality, at flea markets or other stores, invest some money and buy fewer things , but they’re going to be more useful to be higher quality and last longer. That would have not many clothes and accessories, but you’d have a good one.Another great accessory to complement your new clothes is a piece of jewelry. Many women choose to buy pandora jewelry or diamonds to go along with their new outfit.

But if you do not know if such a tendency, some kind of shoes, a model portfolio or a certain color will go with you and your personality, is to buy those clothes and accessories at a low price anywhere you want, so you can see do you feel and I can see those clothes and you experience that lasts so long and what quality is really less expensive.

If these cheap clothes and accessories that you get there a lot and like too much, there if you think about investing in the original designer pieces. And another trick now we’re at the end of the season, go shopping in stores that do not correspond to that season for a lower price. For example, if you’re at the end of summer you will see that many stores have sweaters, boots and jackets at a lower price than if purchased when it is cold.

Exciting Diamond Jewelry !

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When we talk about jewelry then the first thing which come to our mind is Diamond , Diamond is one of the precious stone in the world and everyone wish to buy jewelry made from diamond . Since 1910 eternity bands is presented as a gift as nothing can be compared with the gift like this .

If we compare Gold with Diamond then one thing is very clear , lots of people like diamond but they buy gold jewelry because its cheap as compared to diamond jewelry .  Especially when you buy jewelry which has a big diamond mounted on it , it cost a lot and ordinary person can not afford it at all .

Black Diamond Rings and mens pinky rings are mostly liked now a days and very few merchants offer this ,  Diamond can be used in lots of accessories like Joe Rodeo Diamond Watches , Hip Hop jewelry , diamond chains , wedding bands , white gold rings and blah blah .

Last but not the least , diamond jewelry is one of the best thing which can be presented as a gift for exclusive friends & family members . Although it cost a lot but the place it make in the heart of your friend is unmatched , So I would suggest you to use this kind of accessories and try to present them as a gift to your friends and family members .

With gold jewelry

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In jewelry we know it’s highly appreciated the gold style , not only by the quality that immediately forwards, but also for its sparkling appearance.

The latter, be worthy of formal events (if not the best option) is also included in designs that seek to change the style with pieces from other colors, appearance and texture .
Thus we find the gems that provide the option of combining with the articles that accompany them, without leaving behind a few details of golden appearance.

A possible disadvantage of choosing one of these pieces is that complicate the inclusion of an article of multicolor printing, if it is a necklace with colors such as beige, black and silver, as is the case we see in the picture, It goes without a jacket with floral details, stripes or other pattern .

A pair of earrings of red beads, like those in the upper right corner, however, are good companions for a marbled dress that includes among its red color. To correspond fully chromatic style, add to it a couple of golden stilettos appearance.

The rings seem to be more permissive, may be jeans with green blouse, and gold gemstone rings .

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