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How to make a sailor style outfit

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To achieve this, it helps to be guided by the hallmarks of this style , with the possibility of including a variety of colors, and even cuts of garments.

To start you can choose the item you want to be the main, from which you will have to choose the characteristics of the other parts.This initial pledge should have a feature to forward immediately to the sailor fashion. For example, a top garment which the predominant color is blue and has the wide stripe pattern, like the jersey we saw in the upper left corner of the picture.

Since it is more or less warm and no plunging neckline, you can do without another shirt underneath. The lower part of u must be no more formal style, otherwise the tendency would be diverted outfit.

Denim shorts with two rows of large buttons on the sides are another piece representative of this style. If you have a light blue color as the upper right corner, the outfit will be morning and spring. If you choose a dark as we see below, the shoes would be ideal skimmer style shoes with a navy blue sailor detail as an anchor or a small red shield.

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