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Keeping it All In

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When it comes to plus size women (and men) underwear is everything. Repeat to yourself; support, support, support. Underwear is the key to improved outerwear and not enough ladies invest enough time and energy into buying and wearing the perfect underwear for their size.

Plus size underwear is built to lift, smooth and support. In much the same way as shapewear, it can create beautiful womanly hourglass figures by holding you in and smoothing you out in all the right places. Opting for just any old underwear is no longer allowed and we are stamping our shapely foot down and urging women to get out there and reinvent the wardrobe that most people never see.

The great thing about good underwear is that adds an extra layer of confidence. Under your clothes you know you are looking better than ever and that will shine through.

Choose structured underwear that supports whilst remaining comfortable as well, particularly important during hot weather when any extra layer can make you feel too hot and uncomfortable. Bring out the really powerful pieces of underwear when you want to really wow; in an evening dress for example. Thigh shapers and tummy smoothers will create that hourglass figure we mentioned, while ironing out all those lumps and bumps we would prefer to keep hidden.

Of course, bras are one of, if not the main focus when it comes to underwear. Properly supported breasts will improve your entire appearance and even posture so it is important to get those girls hitched up and back in their rightful place (even if that was twenty years ago).

Trying on different styles of underwear will help you find what you most feel comfortable and what works for your size best. Some will have problem areas they want to control where others feel fine and it is important to remember that everyone is very different so do what feels best for you and see what difference it makes to your outwear. Find out more about plus size fashion at One Stop Plus! You might be pleasantly surprised at what you will find.

Socks and Sandals

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The summer season is upon us, even though the rain may have you fooled. In terms of the hottest footwear around, this can only mean one thing – sandals are back and are looking hotter than ever.

Sandals are one the comfiest types of footwear around and, as the sun comes out, we breathe a sigh of relief. They are one type of footwear that can be accessorised easily, giving any outfit a glamorous boost with very little effort.

Of course one of the most popular types of sandals from previous years is still on the scene, this is the gladiator sandal. These are one of the most popular sandals around and it is easy to see why; they are stylish and classic, combining the best of modern fashion with the classic styles of modern Greece and Ancient Rome. This year gladiator sandals come in a variety of styles, there is the ‘classic’ look with straps across the feet and then there are those with the straps going up the legs. These are perfect with short denim shorts or a miniskirt.

Diamante is big in accessories this season and has been incorporated in to sandal designs this year.  These are in a variety of styles, and many sandals are decorated, using diamantes to embellish the top of the sandal and add details. However, there are other ways that diamantes can be used on sandals. They can be used to decorate the outside of sandals, or give the bottom of them an extra special look. However, if you need to find out more about designer trainers, visit Very.Co.Uk for their latest collection!

No article on sandals would be complete without even the quickest of mentions of the flip flop. These are some of the best loved sandals around and are perfect for almost all occasions. The beach, long walks and parties as well as work, flip flops are popular year after year, and it is easy to see why. Not only can flip flops add that easy look to any outfit and dress it down for summer wear. They also allow the feet to breathe, just what you need on a long, hot summers day – well those that aren’t filled with rain that is!

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