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Collection for winter 2011 !

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The Row is one of the most striking marks for its tendency toward feminine fashion edge , without falling in those outfits of course complicated and some as unattractive we see in some fashion collections at The Row everything is beautifully designed, all garments are designed to make you look at the modern woman who has many things to do, little time to fully enjoy them but fashion clothes and wants to keep busy these days for big events, perfectly dressed, total fashionista . Look for travel savings and attend Paris Fashion week for the full experience.

And the famous brand, which has built a highly respected name in fashion, we present a selection of clothes from the fashion collection The Row for the winter 2011 , which focuses on the female wardrobe basic items, dress suits, skirts, dresses, colors, perfect for an interchangeable pieces will fascinate them and see now.
The Row takes the leather like material which is usually great and makes skirts and blouses that adhere perfectly to the body , stylizing the figure and giving that touch of chic and I say, is something undeniably The Row. Shorts and tops that turn into very sexy outfits because there are many options with transparency, another trend of 2011.

The classic fashion: black with white gloss or does not lose the passage of time and always will be the winning combination. And of course the appearance of formality but this very feminine clothes

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