Advantages of medium wear heels

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If you’ve taken and problems with stilettos of colossal size and looking for a more convenient alternative, do not worry: you need not give up the glamorous if you look at the cool designs of footwear from major fashion brands.

The shoes you see in the image are some examples that not wearing big heels is not synonymous with little sophistication and femininity. In fact, as far as your legs and feet are comfortable with the shoes they wear, have a better movement and your overall appearance will not look forced or artificial.

Medium-heeled shoes can also be thin needle or not, and reduce chances that you get stuck you can easily stumble or something. They are a good alternative for those girls who wear flat shoes and are interested in starting to wear high heels: a radical change of flats to stilettos could be a bad idea, since your feet and posture will be less able to adapt to give a good note.

In situations like job interviews or tragic family events, medium-heeled shoes are ideal as they do not look flashy, offers style and are good companions for casual and formal attire.

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