Beads – Glamor with Blending Personality !

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Usage of beads by girls had always been a mess for me , I were always thinking that this kind of things do not suit with girls and I consider this kind of things bad for girls and do not suits with girls either but since when I join this fashion industry I came to know about the glamour and the fashion style which is the name of new and innovative styles . As far as beads are concerned , now I think that its the part of girls beaty and no girl is beautiful without the usage of beads simple .

I like the girls who wear beads in their heirs and eye lids . I have seen most of the girls in pakistan who wear large and bad colour beads , that?s does not sound that great , I like only those beads which have some unique colour and which are prepared from some good metal or Pearls . Gents also use beads but the usage is not so common , normally guys with age between 16-25 are more commonly seen with the usage of beads , In our country beads are not allowed in the schools and college but as student get promoted to the university then they get a sudden change and enjoy the usage of beads with the free and glamorous style .

Now its not become a mess for me and I am also using this gudget for myself aswell , I have 2 pair of beads intact on my eye lid and one paid on my ears and I look fabulous . If you have some new and innovative bead designs then please do comment on or email me for more details .

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