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Exciting Diamond Jewelry !

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When we talk about jewelry then the first thing which come to our mind is Diamond , Diamond is one of the precious stone in the world and everyone wish to buy jewelry made from diamond . Since 1910 eternity bands is presented as a gift as nothing can be compared with the gift like this .

If we compare Gold with Diamond then one thing is very clear , lots of people like diamond but they buy gold jewelry because its cheap as compared to diamond jewelry .  Especially when you buy jewelry which has a big diamond mounted on it , it cost a lot and ordinary person can not afford it at all .

Black Diamond Rings and mens pinky rings are mostly liked now a days and very few merchants offer this ,  Diamond can be used in lots of accessories like Joe Rodeo Diamond Watches , Hip Hop jewelry , diamond chains , wedding bands , white gold rings and blah blah .

Last but not the least , diamond jewelry is one of the best thing which can be presented as a gift for exclusive friends & family members . Although it cost a lot but the place it make in the heart of your friend is unmatched , So I would suggest you to use this kind of accessories and try to present them as a gift to your friends and family members .

With gold jewelry

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In jewelry we know it’s highly appreciated the gold style , not only by the quality that immediately forwards, but also for its sparkling appearance.

The latter, be worthy of formal events (if not the best option) is also included in designs that seek to change the style with pieces from other colors, appearance and texture .
Thus we find the gems that provide the option of combining with the articles that accompany them, without leaving behind a few details of golden appearance.

A possible disadvantage of choosing one of these pieces is that complicate the inclusion of an article of multicolor printing, if it is a necklace with colors such as beige, black and silver, as is the case we see in the picture, It goes without a jacket with floral details, stripes or other pattern .

A pair of earrings of red beads, like those in the upper right corner, however, are good companions for a marbled dress that includes among its red color. To correspond fully chromatic style, add to it a couple of golden stilettos appearance.

The rings seem to be more permissive, may be jeans with green blouse, and gold gemstone rings .

Top Diamond Fashions for the New Year!

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Diamonds are truly always in style no matter the season or even the decade! Current fashion trends are dictated by the designers and hot celebrities in 2010- and there isn’t a shortage of sparkling stars and diamonds in today’s popular culture. Celebrities are often photographed dripping in diamonds or wearing a brand new diamond engagement ring on their finger. There are so many gorgeous styles to admire, but a few select diamond cuts and settings make the 2010 fashion list for top trends.

The Pave diamond ring is a brilliant style for its sparkling shine and elegant feel. Pave rings are a favorite of many because of their stunning design and multiple diamonds. The band of the ring is “paved” all the way around with small diamonds or diamond chips in a secure setting. For those fashionistas looking to get a little more shine for their dollar- the pave ring is the way to go! Fashion icon Ashlee Simpson wears a beautiful pave ring on the red carpet and even when she’s out to brunch with the family. The pave ring is such a versatile piece of splendor.

Katie Holmes is also a fan of the pave ring with her 5 carat oval cut pave ring.A classic prong setting is the most popular diamond ring style for many occasions and stylish women of all types. Prong set diamonds are known for their elegance but also for their versatility. The prong setting is made of a metal backing that cradles the lower portion of the diamond, and metal prongs which grip the center stone’s upper portion. Scarlett Johansson’s brilliant cut solitaire ring is set with a prong setting and many women strive to emulate her beauty and splendor with similar rings.

Antique Diamond engagement rings are also making their way to the mainstream style market. Catherine Zeta- Jones truly set the pace for gorgeous antique style rings with her Marquise engagement ring. The giant diamond is perhaps a bit high on the range of affordability for most, but the antique style she wears can be found at any price range!

No matter the style- whether your ring is a top seller for the new year or simply your own personal favorite, it will be sure to add a little twinkle to your eye and some fashionable swagger to your step.

Royal diamonds: Fit for a Princess

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Every young girl dreams of becoming a princess, and every young woman dreams of finding her prince charming who will slip a shimmering diamond ring on her finger.

With the recent engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton, women the world over are left swooning for the gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring that was once worn by the late princess Dianna. With its stunning blue sapphire the engagement ring is anything but ordinary. The ring is a vintage one of a kind piece of royal jewelry, but you’re in luck if you want to find something similar on the market.

After Prince William’s proposal, many jewelers are creating replicas of the royal ring. If you are interested in giving your sweetheart the engagement ring settings fit for a princess and the stone of a lifetime, then the Dianna inspired ring is the way to go.

The 18 carat blue oval sapphire surrounded by white diamonds is certainly a ring that cannot be overlooked. It exudes elegance and pure grace. Fashion forward women have been clamoring over the idea of the ring ever since it hit the scene.

Simply the idea of owning a ring that is similar to a famous design is something that most consumers appreciate. Princess Dianna was particularly loved around the world for her elegant demeanor and selfless attitude with downtrodden world citizens. Her humanitarian efforts combined with her regal title have made her legacy live on in a timeless way- just as her gorgeous ring symbolizes.

Diamonds Dazzle in New York City!

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Fashionistas from all over the world know that New York City is the center of everything new and hip.  Whether you are looking in the thousands of boutiques or simply keeping an eye out for hot street styles- you will be sure to find the latest trends just around every corner.  But one New York City fashion trend is always in style.  Diamonds!

If you are looking to adorn yourself with diamonds New York is truly the place to start your shopping engines.  In the center of Manhattan, the New York City Diamond district boasts over 2,600 individual diamond businesses on Diamond Jewelry Way.  The row of stores is located on 47th street- walking distance from fabulous attractions such as Rockefeller center and Madison Avenue.  If you take cues from the rich and the beautiful for your fashion choices, simply walking down Madison Avenue will get you inspired for your diamond purchase.  But once you enter the Diamond District, you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get the best deal for your hard earned dollar.

The wonderful thing about the Diamond District is the ease shoppers have when they do their comparison shopping.  When buying diamonds or gems, it’s very important to know what’s out there so you can truly decide what is right for you.  Typically, this means visiting stores or browsing online for the piece that best suits your personal style.  But in the NYC Diamond District- the process is so much easier!  Retailers in the Diamond District have their booths in one of the 25 jewelry exchanges- and in each exchange there are about 100 separate jewelry retailers.  The proximity of the retailers allows you to go comparison shopping without getting in your car, or even walking around a crowded mall!  You can be smart about your purchase and truly find the best diamond for yourself.

If you still can’t find the perfect diamond for yourself- you can also buy a loose diamond.  Most of the shops have on- site designers that can create a custom setting for you so if you want to choose the stone separately- or bring in your own- you can customize your jewelry piece however you prefer.

Although diamonds are the major claim to fame in this district, the retailers also sell gorgeous gemstones.  If you are looking for a little more color in your jewelry pieces this may be the perfect way to go.  Even traditional jewelry gifts like wedding rings are taking a turn with nontraditional gemstones or antique settings.   The merchants on 47th street are located very close to where the diamonds are cut, so you will have a fast turnaround time for your jewelry design and you can be sure that there will be no unwanted surprises.

The United States is the number one consumer market for diamonds in the entire world.  Over 90% of all diamonds that enter the U.S. enter through New York City.  Other leading centers around the world include London, Antwerp, and Israel.  Once diamonds are mined, they are transported to diamond retailing centers and sold to consumers around the globe.  Because of a diamond’s timeless beauty and its everlasting physical structure- they will be in fashion forever.  If you want to take a walk down the avenue and choose your own striking diamond- New York City is the place to go!

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