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The new black in fashion design

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Long, the essential character of the color black clothing has made much of the closets of many girls prevail.In addition to the ease with which you can combine, we have the big advantage of styling and discretion that the color itself offers, regardless of the clothing designs.
This leads in turn to the possibilities of combining them into outfits are trying to expand increasingly offers big fashion houses, but most of their designers.

In this way the creativity of the latter has made testing more minimalist forms but with a touch of whimsy at the same time, as long and wide skirt of the girl on the left of the picture. On the other hand, be of one color to the garment does not preclude having different looks and textures, like a shiny plastic on the one hand, and a pale buff and the other, as with the jacket of the same model .

If the design considered a combination with another color may be minimal, as with the model of the right of the image, which can be played with specific trends such as vintage.

The style of the socks extra long

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Make a good representative of thermal clothing, warm and highly sought after during the seasons of the second half, where warm clothing is necessary and also modern.Extra long socks are generally used in the outfits under the clothes you really want to look, for example, a pair of flannel trousers or denim, or a monkey, because of the above mentioned purposes: to maintain the legs in good temperature.

However, as in the walkways, the big names suggest, these beautiful clothes are fit to shine in all its splendor, for example, accompanied by a mini dress or a skirt miniskirt. If you want to look a little more sensual, it can prove a very short piece, as in the image, which also allows an online look bare legs.

If the dress or skirt is not so short, there can be no greater problem: the skin of the legs but not the socks will look ultra long that when they make ornamental textures look pretty feminine.Garments which are sure will look beautiful coats, jersey dresses and layers underneath.

Pastel pink blazer with black clothing

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As part of the clothing fashion clothes pastel color, black at the moment seem too dissimilar to be considered a good idea.

However, we must remember that in contrast we find new ways to combine our clothes and styles prove increasingly trendy. For this reason I propose to keep a blazer with other clothing pink black, even though both belong to different color categories.

formal classical and may be sober, but the faint pink color comes to lighten the character solemn. Also one of its advantages is that his court will help you give a nice shape to your figure, regardless of your physique.

Adding, for example, a pair of leggings, you will look more feminine. If instead you add a pair of pants washed your boyfriend will be more androgynous appearance, in which case we recommend a T-shirt and with a little elastic neckline to balance.

This combination can add a nice complement to colorful and modern, like the hat of the girl in the picture, whom this piece gives it a indie and modern.

Summer is here! Oh no actually …

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It is believed that clear. Two weeks ago, it was summer weather we are projecting into the holidays. Ok for me now because it’s the holidays I take the path of work on June 1 (big ball in the stomach). In short, we’ll talk about that later, for the moment is time, the sun, my closet that I want to talk.

So a few days ago I took out my summer clothes ready to make the point “I care, I sell, I put aside in case I do not know if it was fashionable once again ….” Two weeks later and ironing T-shirts Amercian Apparel, my two big suitcases are always mouth open in my room.

I have a good idea of what I do not want to wear this year but I keep for the day, but otherwise I am unable to know what I’ll wear the next day. The short is not bad but not enough. The slim, yet? Overalls yes on this one but it is important not to miss with my mini size, it is risky. Dresses, but I do not really want to give me right now. And I put the feet this time what with autumnal spring? I’m completely lost. I want the sun!

La Redoute – No 1 fashion collection in France !

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Perhaps you might have seen lots of brands but most of them are copying designs from the famous brands out there but still there are some brands where you can find everything unique . Yes, I am talking about La Redoute – its one of the favorite brand which creates over 80% of their styles exclusively in house . The good thing about La Redoute is that it create stylish styles for real people and most of the people like them , that’s what makes them best in the market .

People normally go to big malls where they can find outfits for people of every age . La Redoute not only provide outfits for elders but it also provide for everyone – like cute kids and babywear , plus size wear, stunning European-style lingerie and blah blah . La redoute is the number one fashion collection in France and people like this brand a lot .

Frankly speaking , if I would you then I would definitely be  watching La Redoute website for new collection . You can also buy things from La Redoute at cheap rates by finding discount coupons . eComparison offers discount coupons , renews , and price comparision of lots of brands in one place . So, what are you waiting for – Go and Have some Shopping Today !

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