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Do You Believe Eve Mendez Hasn’t Had Work Done?

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With her tight, smooth skin at 34 years of age, rumors have been flying around about actress Eva Mendes’ possible vaginal cosmetic surgery.

Do you believe she’s been under the knife?

According to Eva, she goes with an old-school method of hanging upside down to pull her skin tight and to make her face look “plump.” Far from a medical procedure, but that would certainly be a picture worth a thousand words.

Some celebs are so hush-hush about their procedures that you would never be able to find out unless someone in their inner circle wants to write a tell-all piece for some quick cash. Until that time, however, I think we can all take Eva at her word that he hasn’t been under the knife and certainly not for any vaginal rejuvenation.

That still doesn’t change the facts, though. Miss Mendes is absolutely gorgeous and many women out there want that tighter, more youthful-looking face – and many in need of a facelift feel that paying a visit to a qualified surgeon is the way to get it.

With medical advancements these days, facelift procedures are very effective and very common. It’s the quick and long-lasting answer to a youthful face.

We use the latest plastic surgery techniques in our modern medical and cosmetic center. Our procedures are safe, affordable, and the results speak for themselves.

Prom Dress – Your next party wear !

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Prom dresses has got a lot of importance since it was introduced in the colleges and universities , most of the youngsters have increased the importance of the prom dresses . Now these dresses are also presented one way on the other in fashion shows with just a little bit change but the basic idea is the same .

Prom dress not only look good but it?s also suitable for those who don?t want to show their body as most of the prom dresses cover all of your body and give a unique and fabulous look to your figure .
Some people use prom dresses to hide their body , like if you have some mole or some aukward sign on your legs and you don?t want to show it off then the good idea is to use prom dresses . I like the prom dress in red which I would probably gift to my girl friend on her birthday lol .
As you guys know that there is always something bad where there is something good lol .. so one thing which I have noticed in prom dresses is that , if some fat lady wear this dress then it does not suits her at all .. and the whole shape is like a mess lol .. so I would request fat ladies who got extra bellies that not to wear this dress as they will look very aukward in this dress . However I would suggest this dress to youngsters and teenagers to use this dress once because if they will use this dress once then they will surely use it forever lol .
I mostly go to fashion show and sometime I see these dresses randomly , some designers put some pearls on it and present it will some different style with the extended price lol but the basic appearance is the same . So, this was something about me favorite dress , hope you guys will like this dress . It?s easy to wear and not difficult to buy !

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Tatoos designs !!

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Tatoos fashion spread up from the western countries and it got that much fame from there , now its the part of world and everyone who like the tatoos never miss that thing , designers are available easily in the market but it depend from designer to designer that how specialist he is in his profession , if you are going to draw one tatoo for you then remember do not draw it on your belly or on your chest , if you are a boy and have some muscles then you should draw one cool design on the top of the hand muscle . Remember , do not go for the permanent sketch because once you get stick in this permanent bugg then its not that easy to get rid of this , sometime you decide that you should go for the permanent sketch but later on you change your mind and want to change the design so first you should go for the short term design and then later on if you like the design and go for getting it permanent .

For Girls tatoos are good but the designs should be different from the boys , girls should have tatoos on the neck or they should have a tatoo on their bellies . Some girls don’t like tatoos and want to keep their body neat and clean lol , but i would suggest girls to use tatoos because some tatoos can really groom their personality .

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Keep Dreaming because Modeling is your final destiny!

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Perhaps people says that dream don’t come true in real world but I don’t believe in this because i have seen too many peoples having dreams where were practically impossible but they have have got their drams came true not only because of their efforts but also because they have set a goal for themselves and tried their best to achieve their mission !

In fashion industry lots of people dream and thier dreams come true one days that’s why I say keep dreaming because dreams come true one day !

Modeling is not a joke of one day but its a constant practicing game with lots of dreams . If you will set a goal for yourself in fashion industry that you will become a top model and you will set someone a role model for yourself then I am sure you will reach your destiny one day .

Not only in fashion world but in every sector of this world you have to set a goal for yourself without it you can’t touch the tip of success because there will be no end point already decided in your mind and noting will happen if you will work without a target !

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