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Scarf sensual reasons for your outfit

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You can come to believe that you should wear clothing to look sexy eloquent, but the fact that with certain applications that are not large, can do it.In the picture we can see a couple of scarves which forms refer to a sensual iconic style . We may venture to say that if he ignores or low-cut skirt, but wear a supplement whose trend is similar to that of those parts can look feminine enough as it really wanted from the beginning.

On the left, the scarf Dolce & Gabbana can be a key look for spring that takes the day. If you want to look more emotional, a bright crimson lipstick and eyeliner thick black color can support. In this case, the main garment is plain navy blue or black. Avoid grays, they are dominated by subdued tone which also dominates the foulard.

To the right, Uslu Airlines, is priced at 140 euros, and dark color can bring out in some way the color canary yellow and purple in the figure of the girl. Garments containing: khaki, magenta or bright yellow.

Fashion Trends 2011: Women’s and men’s fashion in the preview

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In 2010 most of the fashion shows were held Paris & UK and in 2011 we see the reflection of 2010 with some new looks . Some of the brands were leading like My Wardrobe & Armani Jeans .

It convinced the outfits, the experts not only by extravagance and finesse, but above all by the relevant courage to break in style.

The Fashion Trends 2011 for women and men
The women’s fashion trends 2011 are very versatile and offer something for every taste something special. Thus also in this year’s oversized floral and botanical images, just as colorful, eye-catching prints to the fashion trends 2011 New look is in this combination, because you wear especially in spring and summer, stripes and floral patterns in combination. Also in spring you bet on sophisticated color combinations, which at first glance might not fit on one another. Modern clothes as Mini, Midi or Maxi bring in the necessary spring romance.

In spring and summer by the new fashion trend transparency by substances such as lace and chiffon, new insights are offered. In this season there is also the fashion trend back leather. This is both elegant and futuristic.Pleasant temperatures in summer shorts also include, as last year already, as a sexy eye-catcher that can be worn in the right combination for all occasions and may be part of every wardrobe.

But that’s not all that stands out in women’s fashion trends 2011 After a winter full of opulence, could now fight the fashion trend again minimalism to the top. Here, the minimalist elegance of Sihouettes delight to experimental.In fall and winter fashion trend back towards black. This extends the action of the classic color distinguished from dramatic to.

Unlike the 2011 fashion see the men off at. In the Men’s Fashion Trends 2011 color trend will continue the ever-popular military-style clothing and Camel announced. But there are also classic pieces such as jackets or elegant, a long coat with fur collar and metal buttons, the trend-conscious men especially the masculine act. Also, fur boots and large leather bags are the men this year announced with.

H & M 2011: The spring collection

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While the very successful cooperation with the French fashion house Lanvin only a few weeks ago and the exclusive designer pieces are long sold out, know the Swedish fashion chain Hennes and Mauritz, better known as H & M , to inspire their followers. In the near future it will be the long-awaited spring collection for 2011 that is given.

H & M 2011 – The feminine spring collection focuses on coral
Even the presentation of the new H & M 2011 collection for spring was the droves of women fall into ecstasy. Here is the Swedish cult chain very much on the fashion color of coral. We find in spring in the countries such as long dresses , sophisticated cuts, and chiffon top with playful details in the form of ruffles and flounces.

Some from the 60s and 70s has been reinterpreted, taking into shallow colors embedded. So, in addition to coral, salmon tones dominate, nude shades of yellow, beige and pink for spring. But that’s not all – H & M is also the spring of 2011, to graphic design in the classic color combinations of black, blue, red and white, all characterized by the specific contrast.Fashionable Spring at H & M is so thoroughly feminine, cool and silhouette empire, creating the best conditions to devote himself entirely to his femininity.

Romance in the Home Collection
The popular home collection from H & M is extremely promising and is based on pure romance. Here are flower patterns on shower curtains and towels, both playful, girlish act as. For the necessary romantic atmosphere make ruffles and flounces on items such as pillows or curtains of H & M Home. In addition to romance can be found but also ethnic – and Navy versions of the new spring collection.

Naive fashion style

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Their denominators are the delicate and pastel colors. The naive fashion trend is a leading reference to talk about femininity and innocence, as its name implies.

Common features found in this style are the garments with lace, satin, cotton and transparency, especially in pink, blue, beige, always tenuous.Silk garments are a favorite of style, which gives opportunity to show off sexy lingerie underneath without falling into bad taste. The tights are also common, preferably with the shoe color combinations that do not conflict.

The purpose of their outfits are to give an appearance of serenity and innocence, but can also be used to looks very sexy and daring, always keeping the air with sweetness.The hairstyle fashion itself is actually naive simple. The less sophisticated look hair, naturally will better match the elegance of the trend. Straight hair and no arrangements under which a nice fringe naive enough to an outfit.The makeup on his part should be very light. Then take a thin base, a little pink lipstick concealer to complete the look.

The new black in fashion design

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Long, the essential character of the color black clothing has made much of the closets of many girls prevail.In addition to the ease with which you can combine, we have the big advantage of styling and discretion that the color itself offers, regardless of the clothing designs.
This leads in turn to the possibilities of combining them into outfits are trying to expand increasingly offers big fashion houses, but most of their designers.

In this way the creativity of the latter has made testing more minimalist forms but with a touch of whimsy at the same time, as long and wide skirt of the girl on the left of the picture. On the other hand, be of one color to the garment does not preclude having different looks and textures, like a shiny plastic on the one hand, and a pale buff and the other, as with the jacket of the same model .

If the design considered a combination with another color may be minimal, as with the model of the right of the image, which can be played with specific trends such as vintage.

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