Choosing between long and short cardigan

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This is a practical garment for its lightness and not being too thick or too thin, can carry both a fresh pledge or a thermal underneath.

One way to classify it according to their length. The styles can be included in looks very different from one another even when it comes to the same garment. The short cardigans are usually younger and practices, while those with three-quarter length or more tend to be part of the wardrobe of older women.
However, long cardigans can be accompanied by a pair of leggings and dancers to wear more casual, handbag and jewelry simple fun and bright, avoiding the vintage trend. If instead you want to look sober and modest, we recommend a turtleneck underneath, wide leg trousers, boots, an oversize bag, and jewelry that combines dark colors with clothes and accessories.The cardigan with gray stripes is Fendi, is made of wool and is priced at 1, $ 260.

For its part, the part violet side is made of silk and cashmere, is Rebecca Taylor and is priced at $ 275. It is a good choice to accompany a skirt with heels.

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