Diamonds: The gift that Keeps on Giving.

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No matter what the occasion; a diamond gift is always appreciated and asserts the sentiment that you care and you always will. Because the price of diamonds tips toward the more expensive side of the gift scale- they are indeed an investment of your love and affection. Giving someone a diamond jewelry gift shows them that you are willing to give away something that will last forever. On the other hand, the receiver of the jewelry will undoubtedly be grateful for the beautiful gift and he or she will be able to cherish the gift forever.

One of the post popular diamond gifts to give to that special someone is a diamond ring. Traditionally, the diamond engagement ring is a symbol of never ending love and signifies the engagement of a couple to be married in the near future. However- you don’t have to limit yourself to the idea of diamond rings as engagement rings! Diamond rings can be given to mark any occasion. Whether you would like to give someone a diamond ring for a special anniversary, a holiday gift, or a special life occasion, a diamond ring can be the perfect everlasting present. If a regular diamond still seems too “wedding” for your personal gift- giving style, you may want to consider giving a gemstone ring as a gift. Colored gemstones are a gorgeous and fashionable alternative to white diamonds and they also add a little extra kick to a simple ring setting. If you are worried that your gift may look too much like an engagement ring, giving someone a gemstone ring will clearly say “I love and care about you,” rather than “I want to marry you.”

Another fashionable option to give as a special gift is a diamond necklace or earrings. Colored diamonds are perfect for the end of summer and fall and they are the hottest trends in 2010 jewelry styles. Summer style pages have been dazzling with colored diamond pieces and they truly light up any outfit. It’s hard to stay fashionable in the summer heat. But that’s no excuse! Even if you wear a simple white or black tank with a gemstone bib necklace or a gemstone pendant, your look will instantly be transformed!
One of the most important things a smart buyer should do when looking to buy a jewelry piece is to compare prices at a number of different stores and websites. It’s always good to be a smart consumer and know before you buy. The first step to purchasing a diamond or gemstone is to compare prices of very similar products. Putting in that bit of added effort will really pay off for you in the end. There are also aspects of the diamond itself that you should consider when making your purchase. The 4 most important details are: color, cut, carat, and clarity. Any serious jeweler will be able to break down the brilliance of a diamond according to these four elements and the overall combination of these attributes will determine the cost of the diamond. Make sure you are working with a certified diamond dealer who has a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Looking for a gift from a licensed jeweler should be an enjoyable process from the initial purchasing to the final gifting.

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