Dressed to go from hot to cold

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When warm weather begins to cool or if we have to move from a hotter to a colder, we can begin to use those spring clothes again with some other elements that make them look just as stylish, but to protect us climate changes, of course all without losing the fashion sense and good taste .

For example the first Missoni dress , which is printed silk, which has designs of leaves and flowers is a perfect garment to make that transition. If the weather still allows it, you can wear it with nothing on and with bare arms and legs as it is a garment that looks great as well. But if the weather gets colder and you can wear leggings with some colors that complement the earth-colored dress, high heels not too high, a light jacket and a long scarf to protect the neck uncovered.

It is also the second Halston dress , which is mini and hot days and you can put the photo with bare shoulders and legs without pantyhose or leggings, while the coldest days provides an opportunity to look just as spectacular with a black pantyhose or leggings of the same color and a light jacket or coat to protect the back and shoulders.

Finally, I bring this dress from Helmut Lang that is dyed white, black and gray that you can also put only on days where there is more presence of sunlight and heat and when it starts to get cold you wear stockings black tights with ankle boots, along with a jacket that is slightly below the hip and a handbag to complement an elegant appearance.

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