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We’ve got to get ready for a month of parties, socializing and making small talk. Whether you’re accidentally attached to someone you wish you could avoid, or living it up in the company of someone you wouldn’t mind being locked in a small room with, it’s essential to remember a few key principles before diving in to any party.

First of all, feel good. All this pressure on looking good and getting the outfit right is secondary. There’s no point buying a new on-trend dress if you feel uncomfortable or unconvinced in it. Wear something you feel super in, then when you have to make your excuses and leave, or make your move and stay, you’ll feel confident and the way you look won’t even be a worry.

The fashion industry and the high street are both making eyes at one-shoulder dresses this season, and they seem to be all over party rails and advertisements. It is not a difficult trend to wear, despite the claims of some. The key is to keep it simple, as that dramatic diagonal cut at the neckline already does a lot of work in creating a complex and attractive look.

Buy yourself a strapless bra with some good solid under-wiring or, if you’re confident and the dress is tight, don’t even bother wearing one, as excess straps or random labels poking out will ruin that dramatic line. You can keep it extremely simple, or go for a dress with some gathering the detail on the shoulder – choose from draping, feathers, scalloped sleeves or longer billowing silk sleeves for a 70s feel.

There’s plenty of black and metallic variations of dresses at New Look and Top Shop that would look stunning with little more than a statement pair of shoes: chunky high wedges or some colourful courts with hidden platforms. The chunky and medium sized heel is back in fashion, so give your feet a bit more comfort and stability whilst the dresses do the rest of the talking.

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