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Especially now, when captain Ballack has retired because of an injury, national team needs more fan support than ever. The World Cup in Africa, on 11June 2010 begins with the opening match moves ever closer and more and more fan-produced items are brought to the man and the woman with jubilant energy on display. Sure, there are also missing the obligatory fan-shirts not allowed. (OpenPR photo:)

The Munich-based fashion label Eightyninedegree has adopted this section and staged the World Cup fashion. Under the slogan: “No compromise in the fashionable Fan Dress more,” they have shirts for women and men created great. -fitting models in trendy vintage look it gives the 16 countries. Of course, in our latitudes, but the German print bestseller to be quite clear!

In addition to the print and each country has its own slogan. And it goes toEightyninedegree Elf is the national future, “Football is our passion” spurred on by.

So if you looking for an absolute must-have World Cup 2010, which could with aEightyninedegree used look-shirt made of fine cotton are exactly right.

We ourselves are in fashion and football fans. The Fanshirts, previously to the market, there are usually of poor quality and look fashionable or even from high-quality. This had to happen, we thought, and so the idea arose from Fanshirt2010 .

And at least you can slogan, land and arms rarely fashionable wear at heart than with shirts that even have a cut and are not just in S, M or XL as a shapeless rag over one and hide it any femininity among them, takes out of you in a wet T-shirt contest part. Due to the longer average, by the way the shirts can also combine well with, for example, skinny jeans.

And another well-meant tip: Stay away from the alleged trendy leggings – this looks very good and very rarely dressed!

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