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It all started a few days ago while I was hanging my boots and WFP * in a mall. In good mother that I became desperate, I snapped in to distract me, it’s an exciting I swear. In short, now I find myself in the friend before the Swedes Garden collection which everyone talks about the blogger. Flowers galore, recycled fabric, this sun with me it gave me the desires of spring, I heard chirping birds (actually it was raining outside like cow piss but it’s less fun for my story). I was saying before I found the collection Garden and especially in front of the dress that makes you dream, the fashionistas of the Internet. Me as I am weak and not at all early adopter, I felt I had hands, part of Spring, nor two nor one I embarked without trying. With WFP I do not have time to try the clothes then nine times out of ten I dragged them off, I’m so excited for staying on top of fashion and nine times out of ten I reported it because they do I will not.

At night, my day of hard work almost completed, I finally decided to try my purchases.Wow it’s crazy but this dress is so light, flowery with my bare feet I feel a bit like Helen Esmeralda Seguara time. Ah, these sleeves is air, love! Now I start to hop in my room singing one of the masterpieces of the French song “Beautiful is a word that seems invented for her ….

When suddenly I hear “Warff What is this dress??? It looks like the mother of Samantha Witch in My beloved! “It was Garou the Pacsou, WFP in the arm. “Pffff n’imp ‘” that I told him, “thou know anything about my poor fashion, this dress is THE dress!”. Him a little offended by my attack, he replied “Well a little I know myself, I remember that I am a fashion addict and that is also why you’re my wife.” Oh that ’s was not for your money? not j’déconne … The fashion addict Pacsou he said it’s more manly but it annoys me to say that I am his wife when it is not even true. Why I call it the Pacsou else? Anyway I digress, “Samantha’s mother, Endora you mean, right?” Yes, quite Endora meets Pacsou, good change up now, you’re scaring the boy! “.

Endora is hard anyway. But on closer look it is true that I looked like him, a younger still.

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