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The divide between the runway and the real world of fashion can often seem quite a broad one. Fashion that strongly imitates the runway styles is often way too expensive, and usually too extreme, for everyday life. Keeping track of what is fashionable, changing every season, can be a challenge, but luckily online retailer K and Co. is eager to help you keep on top of the latest trends.

In the womenswear section of their website you can access an area called “Womens Trends”, which lists the top trends of the moment as well as giving several great examples so you know what to keep your eyes open for.

Top of the list this week are summery styles, some familiar and some original, which are set to prepare you for the warmer months of the year. The Gypsy Boho trend has been consistently popular for the last few summers, with flowing blouses and skirts in soft prints or pastels combined with wedge sandals.
The Solar Tropic style is more colourful and bright, powerful summer shades of yellow, red and orange to make you stand out in the sun. Both animal prints and military style clothing have been in style for a while now, and the two are combined in the Tribal Fusion trend. These and more are described and explained on the K and Co. site to help you comfortable and stylish this summer.

Ladies fashion from K and Co is top of the range as well as on top of current trends, with a guarantee of quality from the combination of three home shopping retailers. Kays, Great Universal and Empire Stores have 100 years of home shopping experience, and experience in providing customers with outstanding retail service. The transition to an online service has made great clothing even more accessible and easy to order, so be sure to explore for yourself at Their boots and shoes collection is also something that you should not miss! What are you waiting for? Visit the site today!

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