Men’s fashion this winter: coat round-up

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One thing that defines winter clothing for men is a good, dependable coat that can help them survive against the elements. However, with the season drawing to a close and the need for a transitional coat now getting higher on the list, it’s worth looking at jackets that can help you stay comfortable and warm in the switch from winter to spring. Here’s a roundup of the kind of things you should consider in order to avoid wasting your money on something you hang up in your wardrobe for nine months a year . Retail and online sales of cutting edge designer clothing and accessories.

Waxed and Heritage-style coats are certainly popular in 2012, and there’s no better place to find them than in the range made by Carhartt at Size. Great against tough weather and perfect to match the ever-popular vintage trend, you can withstand high winds and heavy rain with the thick leather and waterproof qualities that Carhartt is becoming known for. They also make their Anchorage parka and, for warmer days, the attractive-yet-simple Ribbon Varsity offering could be great for layering.

Meanwhile, North Face continues to make remarkably clever coats, such as the Gravitation Triclimate. AskMen recently picked it out from thousands of other jackets because of its ability to adapt to unpredictable climates, as it can be worn in three completely different ways. “Sport the insulated interior shell with its removable hood on clear but chilly days, and switch to the waterproof, breathable, fully seam-sealed option on wet days,” it explained, while winter’s worst will only require the owner to snap both layers together to “create the ultimate protective shield”.

Finally, the pea coat is a fantastic offering that has somehow managed to stay at the forefront of winter fashion for a number of years now. As a piece of military fashion that has managed to find a place in day-to-day living, it was originally a Dutch staple that sailors wore in harsher conditions. It provides a lighter option for winter, though can again be layered to allow you to stay smart with ease. It’s best to get such a coat in a double-breasted design using shades of navy, black or grey, ensuring you can match any look.


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