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Strapless dresses always in fashion ..

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In current times money is very hard to earn so you can not spend on anything you like . This is why you need clothes that are versatile , beautiful and you can have them for a long time without it being easy to go out of fashion. So in this article i’ll will recommend you a dress that meets these conditions .

If you have a good physique and neat and clean legs then you should try to buy a dress that is short enough to disclose the beauty of your legs and a little skin, and without straps so you can show your shoulders freely. Only to party you’ve got to put up with a pair of heels and you’ll be spectacular, because your shape and your legs will look totally sexy and wonderful.

When the party ends, you can use the same dress for other several occasions. If you have an event a little more elegant, you just have to put stylish sandals and a handbag, if you have a family dinner, put up a blazer and a shoulder bag and if you look a little more rock you owe only put with a leather jacket, pants and stockings booties .

Furthermore, these pleated dresses are great for any type of figure, precisely because these folds and fall of the fabric make are not as tight and help you hide those parts that do not want to stay in the light. Many of them have folds that fit the waist , which makes it look thinner than you and make you see a beautiful silhouette.


Men’s fashion this winter: coat round-up

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One thing that defines winter clothing for men is a good, dependable coat that can help them survive against the elements. However, with the season drawing to a close and the need for a transitional coat now getting higher on the list, it’s worth looking at jackets that can help you stay comfortable and warm in the switch from winter to spring. Here’s a roundup of the kind of things you should consider in order to avoid wasting your money on something you hang up in your wardrobe for nine months a year . Retail and online sales of cutting edge designer clothing and accessories.

Waxed and Heritage-style coats are certainly popular in 2012, and there’s no better place to find them than in the range made by Carhartt at Size. Great against tough weather and perfect to match the ever-popular vintage trend, you can withstand high winds and heavy rain with the thick leather and waterproof qualities that Carhartt is becoming known for. They also make their Anchorage parka and, for warmer days, the attractive-yet-simple Ribbon Varsity offering could be great for layering.

Meanwhile, North Face continues to make remarkably clever coats, such as the Gravitation Triclimate. AskMen recently picked it out from thousands of other jackets because of its ability to adapt to unpredictable climates, as it can be worn in three completely different ways. “Sport the insulated interior shell with its removable hood on clear but chilly days, and switch to the waterproof, breathable, fully seam-sealed option on wet days,” it explained, while winter’s worst will only require the owner to snap both layers together to “create the ultimate protective shield”.

Finally, the pea coat is a fantastic offering that has somehow managed to stay at the forefront of winter fashion for a number of years now. As a piece of military fashion that has managed to find a place in day-to-day living, it was originally a Dutch staple that sailors wore in harsher conditions. It provides a lighter option for winter, though can again be layered to allow you to stay smart with ease. It’s best to get such a coat in a double-breasted design using shades of navy, black or grey, ensuring you can match any look.


How to look good on the street this winter

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When we go outdoors in winter, the first thing that people see is our outerwear – making your choice of coat or jacket paramount. Although the colder and often wetter weather of the season means that practicality must always be a consideration, there are some great stylish trends around this season, which can be found among ranges like the plus size jackets at JD Williams.

Before purchasing your coat, it’s important to consider where and when you will be wearing it. In the winter, it’s often advisable to have two coats: a smarter, tailored option for wearing to and from work and perhaps even to the bar for after work drinks, and a cosy, snuggly number to protect you come what may. Browse through our selection of maxi dresses to look good this winter .
The parka coat is a style that keeps you prepared for unexpected inclement weather without weighing you down too much. As these usually come trimmed with faux fur or fleece on the hood, they are a top choice for keeping out the winter chill, though the look can be a bit too casual for the office.

The Princess coat favoured by the likes of Alexa Cheung is a perfect selection for those who want to look professional and stay warm, but don’t want their movement to be too restricted. Far shorter than a lot of tailored coat choices, Princess coats usually feature double breasted buttoning to the waist and finish at the knee.

For taller ladies, a woollen maxi coat looks elegant and protects the wearer from the elements. To make yours look more individual, try swapping the coat’s wool belt for a distressed leather one.

Whatever style you choose, sticking to classic shades like black, red, navy and cream will make your choice more fashion durable and help you to maximise the number of items your outerwear can be matched with. With this in mind, you may want to avoid coats featuring strong prints if you want to be able to take them out of the wardrobe year-after-year.

Outfits for New Year night

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As New Year night approaches closer , planning for party begins to start .While planning for new year night celebrations ,the first thing that comes in mind is what should be the perfect outfit that best suit me on the new year night ..Well it is quite difficult decision to make and more or less depends on the type of party you are going to celebrate. You should decide the dress according to occasion.

Many people see old year out with the party. But while choosing a dress for New Year night I must say that you should wear a little trendy black outfit while ringing to 2012, as black is the color that never goes out of style and add gorgeous and sexy look to your personality. Whether long or short your favorite black outfit will enhance your beauty on New Year night.

You can select your New Year night dress online by deciding first how much you are going to spend. This will help you in selecting your outfit according to your pocket and taste.

Winter fashion tips for men

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Winter in the UK can to an extent become a fashion ordeal. The combination of venturing out into the unforgiving elements set against the central heating indoors can make dressing appropriately quite a conundrum. As with the autumn season, layering is therefore key to ensuring you aren’t caught out by the weather. To prevent a casual look creeping in to the workspace, consider wearing vests or T-shirts discreetly under shirts.  Opt for seamless or thin styles that do not show under shirts. This is an option open to men of all sizes;  with up to 4 xl size t-shirts now available from some retailers such as Menswear Uk.

Selecting the right coat should also be a top priority once there is a chill in the air. Not only is your coat likely to be the first item of clothing someone notices when you greet them, but it will also be the garment protecting you and the rest of your outfit from the weather. With this in mind, you may want to select your outerwear by taking both style and substance into consideration. While a puffa jacket may keep you warm and cosy, it won’t necessarily look professional in the workplace, so investing in both a casual and work coat can be a solid investment. This season, wool tailored coats and country-inspired jackets are both strong trends and include styles that look smart and offer real longevity.

Knitwear is another hurdle that must be tackled in the winter season. Many men can shy away from chunky knits, but the ‘Christmas jumper’ look is everywhere this year, encouraging both sexes to embrace festive knits with pride. They are after all very practical and can look great teamed with desert boots and jeans for a casual day look.

A step on from the jumper or cardigan are scarves and hats. Unless you are in your teens or early twenties you should steer towards the more sensible end of the spectrum when it comes to these knitwear choices. Fair Isle knits may be on trend, but don’t transcend well into bobble hats worn by 40-year-olds, so, stick to plain and practical where possible.

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