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The increasing demand of gold and its importance !!

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Gold which is the most beautiful and highly demanded metal in this world , for gold one can do anything . Since decades the gold is in into the fashion industry but its importance and its usage is now going to be more crunchy . In the old days people were using gold jewelry but it was not having any style but it was highly pure and weighty . Now with the introduction and high tech instruments and the involvement of different human minds in this field gold is going to be the most beautiful metal in this world . Some people are really good and they are really good designers of Necklace and earrings .As compared to men women are most interested in this gold thing as its the attractive thing and female normally use some tricks for attract men lol , well I am not that specific for every women but it what I saw in most of the cases .
I like the Rehman Jewlers for making new and innovative designs , i bough gold for my wife from this designer and my life patner is really happy with this jewelry . I would suggest you guys to prepare jewelry from this designer , because the best never rests !

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Pearl Jewelry – New innovative styles !!

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Perhaps its in our tradition that we people use gold or diamond jewelry in marriage and other events , but now with the passage of time everything is changing and now people give preference to the jewelry which is cheap aswell as beautiful , in this regard pearl is one of the beautiful master-piece which is used in most of the new styles jewelry and which is cheap aswell . Some people who can’t effort the Gold or Diamond jewlry , buy Pearls jewlry and I think its the best idea to save money aswell as to buy the beutiful jewelry . I am impressed from some designers who got an awesome mind of designing the pearls jewlry and their hand made jewelry is famous thoughout the world . Though I didn’t buy this awesome jewelry but I have decided that I shall buy this beautiful gudget for my girl friend .

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Where the Fashion industry going ?

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Since old time the fashion and glamour was not that unique , now you will see the change everyday and everyone has got his own taste , as compared to the gents , the female fashion industry is going with a super fast rate and I don’t know where it will end lol – If you have seen the fashion designer’s are always trying hard to generate something special and I would appreciate in the regard The Junaid Jamshad Boutique who got reputable fashion Designers and their design are simple unique and highly branded . Though the rates are bit high but for quality no one care for the money , Infect I am not that miser lol , if I find something good then I go for shopping and don’t waste my money by buying a lot of things with cheap and crap designs . I prefer buying one thing but the thing shoud be highly branded and unique , In this regard I often prefer buying my clothes from JJ (Junain Jamshad ) and whenever i wear these clothes in some parties , then everyone stick their crunchy eyes on my and sometime I get calls from girls saying .. Can I be your friend ? LOL – just joking man . I like only those designs which are not vulgure and have some adorable look . I hope you will enjoy your stay there !

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Contribute a lot in Giving Exclusive Looks !!

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Now a days women take great interest in fashion and glamour.To enhance the attractiveness of personality and give a charming and elegant look to overall outlook, different jewelry is used .One of them is earrings, which contribute a lot in giving exclusive looks. Earrings are one of the jewelry attached to the ears through piercing of ear lobes or any external part of ear. It is worn by both the sexes, females and males but its basic aim is to fulfill the needs of women fashion. Although it’s a small ornament but its presence creates a special effect to the face look.

If we go to the market and have a look on earrings, we will find a great variety among them, which will differ in design, quality, color, size, prices and many more like these. They are made of different materials including precious stones, metals, glass, beads, stones etc. Metallic earrings have their own charm like gold, silver and diamond. Brides or married women mostly use them. While other types of earrings are mostly common in young generation. Girls used to wear matching earrings with their clothes on different occations, which adds a different and attractive outlook to their personality. Designs also vary from small loops and studs to large plates and dangling items.

One should wear earrings that suit to their face and which are comfortable and light in wearing rather than heavy items that tear their ears.

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Keep Dreaming because Modeling is your final destiny!

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Perhaps people says that dream don’t come true in real world but I don’t believe in this because i have seen too many peoples having dreams where were practically impossible but they have have got their drams came true not only because of their efforts but also because they have set a goal for themselves and tried their best to achieve their mission !

In fashion industry lots of people dream and thier dreams come true one days that’s why I say keep dreaming because dreams come true one day !

Modeling is not a joke of one day but its a constant practicing game with lots of dreams . If you will set a goal for yourself in fashion industry that you will become a top model and you will set someone a role model for yourself then I am sure you will reach your destiny one day .

Not only in fashion world but in every sector of this world you have to set a goal for yourself without it you can’t touch the tip of success because there will be no end point already decided in your mind and noting will happen if you will work without a target !

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