Pastel pink blazer with black clothing

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As part of the clothing fashion clothes pastel color, black at the moment seem too dissimilar to be considered a good idea.

However, we must remember that in contrast we find new ways to combine our clothes and styles prove increasingly trendy. For this reason I propose to keep a blazer with other clothing pink black, even though both belong to different color categories.

formal classical and may be sober, but the faint pink color comes to lighten the character solemn. Also one of its advantages is that his court will help you give a nice shape to your figure, regardless of your physique.

Adding, for example, a pair of leggings, you will look more feminine. If instead you add a pair of pants washed your boyfriend will be more androgynous appearance, in which case we recommend a T-shirt and with a little elastic neckline to balance.

This combination can add a nice complement to colorful and modern, like the hat of the girl in the picture, whom this piece gives it a indie and modern.

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