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The word trend is used in sociology to describe trends and changes in all areas of societies .It can also describe the look of future. Translated into the fashion world it could mean that a fashion trend may be the forward-looking appearance . A section of a form, certain colors, or set of clothing, which prevail from the many possibilities and the fashion for some time determine. In addition to the time limitation,  fashion trends always need to be recognized as aesthetically, advertised with a lot of effort and supported by a large group of people in societies . offer such fashionable clothes which are worth buying . In recent years, the trends were mainly in the field of vintage and retro fashion. The glamor of the 20s, the new femininity of the 50s, the vitality of the 60s and 70s, and the stark color combinations of the 80s and 90s influenced the collections.

For ordinary consumers seem to fashion trends to be a real phenomenon and somehow emerge from the center of our society. Why can not enforce a garment, and who determines it? designers, celebrities and trend scouts are those people who expressed flat, are responsible for what we wear. It can, however, ultimately does not say who first discovered and realized something. Fashion always has something to do with randomness and unpredictability. Trend scouts look, for example, on the streets of cities around the world. What people wear in Paris, London and New York as is, has always been an inspiration source of the information they provide will continue to designers and fashion companies that process the ideas. a big impact but also the media, the Internet, in the certain communities share about fashion or films in which certain costumes are shown. Most recently, for example the film “The Iron Lady” who brought back the strict business look of the 1980s into the fashion world. During the research and detection of trends, it is important to always ask to have in view, for which target group what could be interesting. Younger generations can be especially celebrities and stars strongly influence, which thus represent the main source for this grouping of a trend. Often it is simply good marketing, but also large enterprises. By credible and already partially intrusive Connote that certain cuts and colors are currently in vogue, can already affect many people and lure them into the business. summary say that the phenomenon to take fashion trends very difficult. It occurs in very different forms and there are quite a pool of possibilities may arise as a fashion trend. To answer the original question definitively, probably a very extensive work is needed.

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