Royal diamonds: Fit for a Princess

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Every young girl dreams of becoming a princess, and every young woman dreams of finding her prince charming who will slip a shimmering diamond ring on her finger.

With the recent engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton, women the world over are left swooning for the gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring that was once worn by the late princess Dianna. With its stunning blue sapphire the engagement ring is anything but ordinary. The ring is a vintage one of a kind piece of royal jewelry, but you’re in luck if you want to find something similar on the market.

After Prince William’s proposal, many jewelers are creating replicas of the royal ring. If you are interested in giving your sweetheart the engagement ring settings fit for a princess and the stone of a lifetime, then the Dianna inspired ring is the way to go.

The 18 carat blue oval sapphire surrounded by white diamonds is certainly a ring that cannot be overlooked. It exudes elegance and pure grace. Fashion forward women have been clamoring over the idea of the ring ever since it hit the scene.

Simply the idea of owning a ring that is similar to a famous design is something that most consumers appreciate. Princess Dianna was particularly loved around the world for her elegant demeanor and selfless attitude with downtrodden world citizens. Her humanitarian efforts combined with her regal title have made her legacy live on in a timeless way- just as her gorgeous ring symbolizes.

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