Straw hats for your outfit

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Casual and very useful, straw hats are usually large in order to fulfill its function of protecting your face from the sun, and on the other hand, the spice up your outfit.

Those who see in the image are very feminine style, thanks to the flowers that crown, same color combinations with the colors of their sheer dresses in layers. That is a good resource for that if you wear a straw hat does not look out of place: try to have consistent color detail with which outfit in question. If no one is very simple you are adding them on your own: cutting out a piece of fabric pattern or texture, pleasant, sew the edges and then sew them to the hat.

The hats of straw are almost always related to the beach outfits, but their color and material can be adjusted very well beautiful attire bohemian trend, in which case there is no problem with no flowers or other decorations. The straw hat will look cute with a dress frets, an asymmetric cut blouse or a comprehensive mono boho-chic style.

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