Summer is here! Oh no actually …

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It is believed that clear. Two weeks ago, it was summer weather we are projecting into the holidays. Ok for me now because it’s the holidays I take the path of work on June 1 (big ball in the stomach). In short, we’ll talk about that later, for the moment is time, the sun, my closet that I want to talk.

So a few days ago I took out my summer clothes ready to make the point “I care, I sell, I put aside in case I do not know if it was fashionable once again ….” Two weeks later and ironing T-shirts Amercian Apparel, my two big suitcases are always mouth open in my room.

I have a good idea of what I do not want to wear this year but I keep for the day, but otherwise I am unable to know what I’ll wear the next day. The short is not bad but not enough. The slim, yet? Overalls yes on this one but it is important not to miss with my mini size, it is risky. Dresses, but I do not really want to give me right now. And I put the feet this time what with autumnal spring? I’m completely lost. I want the sun!

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