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Where the Fashion industry going ?

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Since old time the fashion and glamour was not that unique , now you will see the change everyday and everyone has got his own taste , as compared to the gents , the female fashion industry is going with a super fast rate and I don’t know where it will end lol – If you have seen the fashion designer’s are always trying hard to generate something special and I would appreciate in the regard The Junaid Jamshad Boutique who got reputable fashion Designers and their design are simple unique and highly branded . Though the rates are bit high but for quality no one care for the money , Infect I am not that miser lol , if I find something good then I go for shopping and don’t waste my money by buying a lot of things with cheap and crap designs . I prefer buying one thing but the thing shoud be highly branded and unique , In this regard I often prefer buying my clothes from JJ (Junain Jamshad ) and whenever i wear these clothes in some parties , then everyone stick their crunchy eyes on my and sometime I get calls from girls saying .. Can I be your friend ? LOL – just joking man . I like only those designs which are not vulgure and have some adorable look . I hope you will enjoy your stay there !

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