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Tatoos designs !!

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Tatoos fashion spread up from the western countries and it got that much fame from there , now its the part of world and everyone who like the tatoos never miss that thing , designers are available easily in the market but it depend from designer to designer that how specialist he is in his profession , if you are going to draw one tatoo for you then remember do not draw it on your belly or on your chest , if you are a boy and have some muscles then you should draw one cool design on the top of the hand muscle . Remember , do not go for the permanent sketch because once you get stick in this permanent bugg then its not that easy to get rid of this , sometime you decide that you should go for the permanent sketch but later on you change your mind and want to change the design so first you should go for the short term design and then later on if you like the design and go for getting it permanent .

For Girls tatoos are good but the designs should be different from the boys , girls should have tatoos on the neck or they should have a tatoo on their bellies . Some girls don’t like tatoos and want to keep their body neat and clean lol , but i would suggest girls to use tatoos because some tatoos can really groom their personality .

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