The new black in fashion design

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Long, the essential character of the color black clothing has made much of the closets of many girls prevail.In addition to the ease with which you can combine, we have the big advantage of styling and discretion that the color itself offers, regardless of the clothing designs.
This leads in turn to the possibilities of combining them into outfits are trying to expand increasingly offers big fashion houses, but most of their designers.

In this way the creativity of the latter has made testing more minimalist forms but with a touch of whimsy at the same time, as long and wide skirt of the girl on the left of the picture. On the other hand, be of one color to the garment does not preclude having different looks and textures, like a shiny plastic on the one hand, and a pale buff and the other, as with the jacket of the same model .

If the design considered a combination with another color may be minimal, as with the model of the right of the image, which can be played with specific trends such as vintage.

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