The style of the socks extra long

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Make a good representative of thermal clothing, warm and highly sought after during the seasons of the second half, where warm clothing is necessary and also modern.Extra long socks are generally used in the outfits under the clothes you really want to look, for example, a pair of flannel trousers or denim, or a monkey, because of the above mentioned purposes: to maintain the legs in good temperature.

However, as in the walkways, the big names suggest, these beautiful clothes are fit to shine in all its splendor, for example, accompanied by a mini dress or a skirt miniskirt. If you want to look a little more sensual, it can prove a very short piece, as in the image, which also allows an online look bare legs.

If the dress or skirt is not so short, there can be no greater problem: the skin of the legs but not the socks will look ultra long that when they make ornamental textures look pretty feminine.Garments which are sure will look beautiful coats, jersey dresses and layers underneath.

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