Top Diamond Fashions for the New Year!

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Diamonds are truly always in style no matter the season or even the decade! Current fashion trends are dictated by the designers and hot celebrities in 2010- and there isn’t a shortage of sparkling stars and diamonds in today’s popular culture. Celebrities are often photographed dripping in diamonds or wearing a brand new diamond engagement ring on their finger. There are so many gorgeous styles to admire, but a few select diamond cuts and settings make the 2010 fashion list for top trends.

The Pave diamond ring is a brilliant style for its sparkling shine and elegant feel. Pave rings are a favorite of many because of their stunning design and multiple diamonds. The band of the ring is “paved” all the way around with small diamonds or diamond chips in a secure setting. For those fashionistas looking to get a little more shine for their dollar- the pave ring is the way to go! Fashion icon Ashlee Simpson wears a beautiful pave ring on the red carpet and even when she’s out to brunch with the family. The pave ring is such a versatile piece of splendor.

Katie Holmes is also a fan of the pave ring with her 5 carat oval cut pave ring.A classic prong setting is the most popular diamond ring style for many occasions and stylish women of all types. Prong set diamonds are known for their elegance but also for their versatility. The prong setting is made of a metal backing that cradles the lower portion of the diamond, and metal prongs which grip the center stone’s upper portion. Scarlett Johansson’s brilliant cut solitaire ring is set with a prong setting and many women strive to emulate her beauty and splendor with similar rings.

Antique Diamond engagement rings are also making their way to the mainstream style market. Catherine Zeta- Jones truly set the pace for gorgeous antique style rings with her Marquise engagement ring. The giant diamond is perhaps a bit high on the range of affordability for most, but the antique style she wears can be found at any price range!

No matter the style- whether your ring is a top seller for the new year or simply your own personal favorite, it will be sure to add a little twinkle to your eye and some fashionable swagger to your step.

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