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Winter in the UK can to an extent become a fashion ordeal. The combination of venturing out into the unforgiving elements set against the central heating indoors can make dressing appropriately quite a conundrum. As with the autumn season, layering is therefore key to ensuring you aren’t caught out by the weather. To prevent a casual look creeping in to the workspace, consider wearing vests or T-shirts discreetly under shirts.  Opt for seamless or thin styles that do not show under shirts. This is an option open to men of all sizes;  with up to 4 xl size t-shirts now available from some retailers such as Menswear Uk.

Selecting the right coat should also be a top priority once there is a chill in the air. Not only is your coat likely to be the first item of clothing someone notices when you greet them, but it will also be the garment protecting you and the rest of your outfit from the weather. With this in mind, you may want to select your outerwear by taking both style and substance into consideration. While a puffa jacket may keep you warm and cosy, it won’t necessarily look professional in the workplace, so investing in both a casual and work coat can be a solid investment. This season, wool tailored coats and country-inspired jackets are both strong trends and include styles that look smart and offer real longevity.

Knitwear is another hurdle that must be tackled in the winter season. Many men can shy away from chunky knits, but the ‘Christmas jumper’ look is everywhere this year, encouraging both sexes to embrace festive knits with pride. They are after all very practical and can look great teamed with desert boots and jeans for a casual day look.

A step on from the jumper or cardigan are scarves and hats. Unless you are in your teens or early twenties you should steer towards the more sensible end of the spectrum when it comes to these knitwear choices. Fair Isle knits may be on trend, but don’t transcend well into bobble hats worn by 40-year-olds, so, stick to plain and practical where possible.

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