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In jewelry we know it’s highly appreciated the gold style , not only by the quality that immediately forwards, but also for its sparkling appearance.

The latter, be worthy of formal events (if not the best option) is also included in designs that seek to change the style with pieces from other colors, appearance and texture .
Thus we find the gems that provide the option of combining with the articles that accompany them, without leaving behind a few details of golden appearance.

A possible disadvantage of choosing one of these pieces is that complicate the inclusion of an article of multicolor printing, if it is a necklace with colors such as beige, black and silver, as is the case we see in the picture, It goes without a jacket with floral details, stripes or other pattern .

A pair of earrings of red beads, like those in the upper right corner, however, are good companions for a marbled dress that includes among its red color. To correspond fully chromatic style, add to it a couple of golden stilettos appearance.

The rings seem to be more permissive, may be jeans with green blouse, and gold gemstone rings .

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